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    Kimchi Fried Rice

    This quick and easy Kimchi Fried Rice is the perfect balance of savory and spicy flavors. Perfect as a side dish or on its own. It’s made with pantry staples and is the perfect…

    July 5, 2024
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    Spicy Lotus Root Salad

    A delicious lotus root side dish — Spicy Lotus Root Salad is quick and easy to prepare! It’s crunchy, savory, healthy, and full of flavor! It’s so simple to make and keeps well in…

    March 21, 2023
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    Spicy Mayo Salmon Rice Bowl

    A super quick and easy Spicy Mayo Salmon Rice Bowl that has all the best flavors in one meal. It’s the perfect balance of creamy, tangy, and a little bit of sweetness. It’s reminiscent…

    March 15, 2023
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    Spicy Seasoned Yellow Pickled Radish (Danmuji)

    This Spicy Seasoned Yellow Pickled Radish (Danmuji) cold side dish is perfect any time of the year and goes well with anything. It’s the perfect banchan that’s a mix of crunchy, sweet, and tangy…

    March 14, 2023
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    Spicy Asian Cucumber Salad

    Spicy Asian Cucumber Salad is the perfect side dish that goes with everything. So simple and so addicting — and it only takes a few minutes to toss together! There are so many…

    March 10, 2023
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    Doenjang Jjigae (Korean Soybean Paste Stew)

    A quick and easy Korean soybean tofu stew (doenjang jjigae) recipe from scratch! Extremely customizable with any protein and vegetables you have on hand. The best part is it’s ready in under 30 minutes!…

    April 13, 2021
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    BBQ Chicken Naan Flatbreads

    An easy, homemade BBQ chicken naan flatbreads recipe that’s hearty and has the perfect combination of sweet and savory flavors. This recipe tastes like a pizza, but uses naan flatbreads to make the preparation…

    January 3, 2021
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    Creamy Salmon Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta

    A super quick and easy weeknight salmon served over a creamy sun-dried tomato sauce pasta. A rich and decadent seafood pasta that’ll be ready in under 30 minutes! This pasta recipe can be…

    November 30, 2020
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    Apple Rose Tarts

    Perfect dessert recipe for the holidays or for any time you want to wow your guests! Super quick and easy apple rose tarts filled with cinnamon sugar that look gorgeous and taste amazing. …

    November 19, 2020
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    Braised Beef Short Ribs Pasta

    The coziest red wine braised beef short ribs recipe served over your carb of choice. The perfect cold-weather recipe that lets the oven do all the work! This recipe is very easy but…

    October 23, 2020
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    Spicy Moroccan Lamb Meatballs

    These spicy Moroccan-inspired lamb meatballs are so tender and so flavorful. Perfect to serve with bread, pasta, rice, or simply eaten by itself! This meatball dish is inspired by a lamb meatball appetizer…

    October 7, 2020
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    Korean spicy rice cakes are the perfect balance of sweet, spicy, and savory. A super quick and easy one-pot recipe that’s ready in under 30 minutes! Disclaimer: I’m not Korean, so this definitely…

    September 30, 2020
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    Matcha White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

    The best matcha white chocolate macadamia nut cookies ever! These cookies are the perfect balance of earthy matcha green tea, sweet white chocolate, and savory macadamia nuts. This cookie is hands down my…

    September 29, 2020
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    Thai Curry Noodle Soup

    A super easy Thai curry noodle soup recipe that’s quick to make and perfect for the cold weather that’s coming. The best part is it’ll be ready to enjoy in under an hour! …

    September 22, 2020
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    Honey Avocado Fig & Coppa Toasts

    This post is sponsored by Local Hive Honey. Avocado toasts are the perfect foundation for seasonal ingredients and can easily be made sweet or savory! They make an extremely flavorful and healthy meal or…

    September 17, 2020
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    Beef Bolognese Pasta

    My favorite version of a classic beef bolognese sauce that tastes good on any pasta. So cozy and delicious — perfect for any time of the year! My absolute, all-time favorite food is…

    September 16, 2020

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