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Brown Butter Rice Krispies

Yields16 ServingsCook Time15 minsTotal Time15 mins

The most addicting and yummy version of a childhood favorite. This super simple recipe with brown butter really takes the treats to the next level!

 8 tbsp (1/2 cup) salted butter
 1 bag (10 oz) mini marshmallows
 5 cups Rice Krispies cereal

In a separate bowl, take out a handful of the mini marshmallows and set aside. Line a 9x13 inch tray with parchment paper.


In a large non-stick pot or pan, melt the butter over medium heat. If you are worried about burning the butter, using a pan with a light interior (like a Dutch oven) will help you see the color. Once the butter is completely melted, monitor the color and aroma until the butter has browned. When it starts foaming, swirl the pan around every 15-20 seconds to make sure the butter browns evenly. Do this until butter darkens and the aroma is nutty. A little sediment formation is fine, but if a lot of black sediment forms, you can use a sieve to filter it out. This process takes about 5 minutes on medium heat, but since every stove is different, keep a close watch once the butter melts to avoid burning.


Once the butter is done browning, turn off the heat. Add the bag of mini marshmallows (do not add the ones we set aside in the beginning). Using a wooden spatula, stir the marshmallows in with the butter until most has melted but there are still some marshmallow lumps.


Add in the 5 cups of Rice Krispies cereal and remaining mini marshmallows that were set aside to the pan and mix until evenly combined. If you are using any add-ins like decorative marshmallows, other cereal, or chocolate, now would be the time to add it in as well.


Transfer the Rice Krispies mixture into the lined tray and distribute evenly. Use the wooden spatula to gently pat down until even. The more you compact you pat it down, the denser the treats will be, so pat down to your density preference.


Let cool for ~1 hour or until firm enough to cut without sticking onto the knife. Enjoy!

Nutrition Facts

Servings 16